The United States of America and Northern Ireland

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This site follows the work of Dr Andrew Sanders.  It aims to provide a dynamic resource for scholars, both academic and non-academic, detailing the relationship between the United States of America and Northern Ireland, both pre- and post-Peace Process.

This site was funded by the John Moore Newman Scholar Endowment Fund, in honour of John D.J. Moore.

Dr Andrew Sanders


Andrew Sanders is a PhD graduate of Queen's University Belfast, where he completed his thesis on the topic of division in the modern Irish republican movement.  He is the author of Inside the IRA: Dissident Republicans and the War for Legitimacy (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011) and the co-author, along with Ian S. Wood, of Times of Troubles: Britain's War in Northern Ireland (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012).

His current project explores the role of the United States of America in the Northern Ireland peace process and in contemporary peace building projects in Ireland.


Andrew Sanders, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Department of Political Science, Texas A&M University San Antonio

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

PhD in Politics and International Studies, 2008

Thesis: ‘Ideological Divisions and Factional Splits in the Irish Republican Movement, 1969-1998’
2007 Sir Thomas Dixon Travel Scholarship
2005 Department of Employment and Learning Scholarship
Supervisor: Professor Richard English

Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  MA in Irish Politics, 2005
Dissertation: ‘A Structural Analysis of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, 1974-1998’
  Supervisor: Professor Richard English

Edinburgh Napier University, UK
BSc (hons.) Social and Management Science

• Times of Troubles: Britain’s War in Northern Ireland (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, May 2012).  Co-authored with Ian S. Wood.
• Inside the IRA: Dissident republicans and the war for legitimacy (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011) 280 pages.

Edited Volumes:
-“Sinn Féin’s Transition From Abstention to Assembly: The Domestic and International Perspective” pp. 200-223 in Nic Dháibhéid, C., and Reid, C., (eds.) From Parnell to Paisley: Constitutional and Revolutionary Politics in Modern Ireland (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2010).

Journal Articles:
• The Journal of Transatlantic Studies Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 163-181 (2014) “The role of Northern Ireland in modern Anglo-American relations: The United States Department of State and the Royal Ulster Constabulary, 1979.”
• British Politics Review Vol. 8, No.1, Winter 2013 “The British Army in Northern Ireland.”
• Small Wars and Insurgencies Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 465-492 (2013) “Operation Motorman (1972) and the search for a coherent British counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland.”
• Connections European Studies Annual Review (2011) “State responses to insurgency: The case of the British Army in Northern Ireland.”
• Historical Journal of Massachusetts (2011) “Senator Edward Kennedy and the Ulster Troubles: Irish and Irish-American Politics, 1965-2009.”
• British Journal of Politics and International Relations Vol. 13, Issue 2, pp. 230-248, May 2011 (available online 27 April 2010) “Northern Ireland: The Intelligence War 1969-1975.”
• Irish Political Studies Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 89-105 February 2009 “Problems of Class, Religion and Ethnicity: a Case study of the relationship between Irish Republicans and the Protestant Working Class during the Ulster ‘Troubles’ 1969-1994.”

Articles in Preparation:
• Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (under review) “The Irish People and the role of Diaspora media in the Northern Irish conflict”.
• Canadian Journal of Irish Studies (under review) “The Canadian Dimension to the Northern Ireland Conflict”
• Irish Studies in International Affairs  (under review) “Landing Rights at Dublin Airport: Tourism, the Airline Industry and the Challenge to Irish-American Relations”
• Twentieth Century British History (under review) “Congressional hearings on Northern Ireland and the ‘Special Relationship’, 1971-1980”
• British Journal of Political Science (under review) “The Role of the Internet and Social Media in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland: The Gerry Adams Twitter Account”
• “The Northern Ireland Conflict and the US-UK Extradition Treaty”
• “Technology and counterinsurgency: The British Army, the Irish Republican Army and the Northern Ireland conflict”

Professional Appointments
Texas A&M University Central Texas
2015 Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
• Graduate Studies Council Member
• Curriculum Committee Member
• Humanities Academic Council Member

Sam Houston State University
  2014-2015 Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
  2014 Lecturer in History

Queen’s University Belfast
2014 Visiting Research Fellow, School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy

University College Dublin
2011-2014 John Moore Newman Research Fellow in Conflict, Diaspora and Diplomacy
2013 University College Dublin Career Development Award
2011 John Moore Endowment Fund: Newman Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of California, San Diego
2010-2011 Project Coordinator “Terrorism, Government and Development”

Seattle University
  2009-2010 Adjunct Professor of History

Other Employment
Rainier Beach High School, Seattle
  2009 Athletic Department Academic Counsellor
Scottish Rocks/Scottish Sports Futures
2006-2007 Professional Basketball Player/Active Schools Programme
Wood Mackenzie
  2004 Web Development Department

Teaching Experience
Texas A&M University Central Texas
“Political Ethics”, “Conflict Studies”, “Comparative Politics”, “The Executive”

Sam Houston State University
“Political Violence and Terrorism”, “Political Violence and Terrorism” (graduate online module), “Genocide in the 20th Century”, “War, Peace and Security”, “United States Government”, “The United States To 1876”, “The United States Since 1876”, “The World in the 20th Century”, “The World in the 20th Century” (online module), “Modern China and Japan: Research Skills” (online module), “American Diplomatic History” (graduate online module)

University College Dublin
“America in the 21st Century”, “Research Methods”, “The United States and Northern Ireland”

Seattle University
“Origins of Western Civilization”, “Survey of the United States” “Studies in Modern Civilization”

Teaching Interests
Terrorism and Political Violence; International Relations; Conflict Resolution; American Politics; American Foreign Relations; Comparative Politics

• Full Court Peace, Service trip to Cuba, May 2015
• Graduate Studies Committee Member, University College Dublin, 2011-2014
• Reviewer for Edinburgh University Press, Intellect Books, Democracy and Security; Terrorism and Political Violence; American Studies in Scandanavia; Ex-Historia, Irish Political Studies

• Baltimore Sun “Ahead of London, hopeful marathoners and a watchful government.” 20 April 2013
• Daily Telegraph “A handshake for peace, but discord in Northern Ireland remains.” 29 June 2012
• Huffington Post “Arrest in Belfast: Will Violence Ever Cease?” 3 May 2011
• British Broadcasting Corporation “Newsline” “Bloody Sunday and the Parachute Regiment.” 15 June 2010

Invited Talks
• University College Cork “The British Army in Northern Ireland” 23 February 2012
• University of Washington “Northern Ireland’s paramilitary score card” 9 December 2010
• Seattle University “Bloody Sunday: Movie Representations of Northern Ireland” 3 June 2009
• Columbia University “Irish Republicans and the Protestant Working Class” 4 May 2007

Conferences Organized
• Queen’s University Belfast “Scotland’s Choice: Reshaping Relationships”, conference co-organiser, 24 June 2014
• University College Dublin “The Ongoing Struggle for Civil Rights: The United States, Northern Ireland and Worldwide” organiser, 5 October 2013
• University College Dublin Clinton Institute for American Studies “The United States and Northern Ireland: Presenting Perspectives”, funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, organiser, 17 November 2012
• Royal Military Academy Sandhurst “The British Army in Northern Ireland” (Co-organiser).  Paper given “The Importance of Intelligence.” 10 June 2011
• Edinburgh University “Sectarianism in Scotland: Myth or Reality?” (Co-organiser, 23 May 2011

Conference Presentations
• Organization of American Historians, Annual Meeting St Louis, MO “Campaigning for Ireland: US Senators and Congressmen and the Northern Ireland Conflict”, 16 April 2015
• The American Conference for Irish Studies, National Meeting, Miami, FL, “Borders and Borderlands in Ireland: The Battle for Derry” 26 March 2015
• American Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Washington DC Paper “The role of the internet and social media in post-conflict Northern Ireland”; Poster “Counter-terrorism and technology: the case of the British security forces in Northern Ireland.” 29 August 2014
• Symposium of Irish Studies in South America, Rio de Janeiro, Paper “End of the century: End of conflict? The problem of truth recovery and dealing with the past in Northern Ireland” 26 August 2014
• Queen’s University Belfast, Research in Progress Seminar Series, “The IRA and the US-UK Extradition Treaty” 5 March 2014
• The American Conference for Irish Studies, Southern Regional, Fort Lauderdale, FL “The 1981 Hunger Strikes and the Role of Sacrifice and Mythology in Contemporary Irish Studies.” 15 February 2014
• The American Conference for Irish Studies, National Meeting, Chicago, IL, “The United States and Northern Ireland: the Diplomatic Perspective.” 12 April 2013
• The American Conference for Irish Studies, Southern Regional, Atlanta, GA “President Jimmy Carter and Northern Ireland: England Get Out of Ireland?” 2 March 2013
• American Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, New Orleans.  Paper accepted for presentation “The politics of Britain’s War in Northern Ireland.” Presentation scheduled for 31 August 2012.
• Royal Military Academy Sandhurst “The British Army in Northern Ireland” (Co-organiser).  Paper given “The Importance of Intelligence.” 10 June 2011
• University of Utah, Rocky Mountain European Scholars Conference “State responses to insurgency: The British Army in Northern Ireland.” 22 October 2011
• Queen’s University Belfast School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy Irish Political Research Seminar “Irish Republicanism and the Protestant Working Class” 7 December 2006
• Queen’s University Belfast, School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, Ethnic Conflict Seminar “A Farewell to Arms?  Ending Terrorism and Insurgencies in a post Cold War and 9/11 World.”  “The Issue of Splits:  The Case of the Real IRA” 12 May 2006

Professional Memberships
American Historical Association
Organization of American Historians

Professional Skills
Queen’s University Belfast Postgraduate Skills Training Modules:
Project management, SPSS statistical analysis, internet research, extensive training in Microsoft applications, social policy and applied research, using mathematica software, team working, presentation skills and crosstabulation modules.  A full and precise list is available upon request.  Each of these modules has supplemented my extensive research experience.  Additionally, I have experience working in web-based applications such as dreamweaver and XML.


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Professor Tamara Waggener
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